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Knowledge Transfer

From retiring baby boomers to Millennials who change jobs frequently to onboarding talent in new roles, the transfer of knowledge is a critical issue for every organization. More than just on-the-job training, Knowledge Transfer replicates the expertise, wisdom and tacit knowledge of critical professionals into the heads and hands of their coworkers. Developing an effective knowledge transfer strategy provides crucial results to improve your business performance:

  • Faster onboarding and ramp-up to productivity
  • Minimize the impact of lost expertise possessed by exiting and retiring workers
  • Engage and retain employees, especially Millennials
  • Reduce over reliance on one expert

Now you can mitigate the risks and preserve your organization’s unique knowledge with a high-impact process for knowledge transfer that improves productivity and engages employees. Through a strategic partnership with a pioneer and the foremost expert in the knowledge transfer field, Career Partners International provides organizations with the recognized gold standard in knowledge transfer solutions. This practical framework is proven to retain and cross-train more than 90% of a company’s unique knowledge while cutting the ramp-up to productivity of new employees by 50%.

Secure your organization’s future! Contact us today to learn more about our Knowledge Transfer services.