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After the hire, keeping employees motivated and committed is essential to the long-term success of any organization. The most productive employees are those who understand and embrace the organization’s strategic objectives, and recognize how their contributions play a role in achieving company goals.

But creating a culture of employee engagement requires more than just implementing tactics to reduce turnover and absenteeism – it requires a proactive and deliberate plan to keep employees energized and aligned with the company so they desire to give their all. This requires the attention and support of leaders at all levels in the organization.

Career Partners International Kansas City helps leaders improve employee engagement in order to enhance productivity, reduce burnout, strengthen retention, and increase overall productivity. Additionally, we help management understand their vital role in the process and teach the actions and strategies needed to sustain a culture of engagement.

On-boarding and New Role Integration

No time is more critical in the engagement of employees than when taking on a new role. Whether just hired or transferring within the company, the organization has invested time and energy selecting the best candidate. Career Partners International Kansas City helps organizations protect their investment by applying the best strategies, processes and support to properly on-board and integrate employees into the fabric of the organization. We’ll help management prepare employees with the resources they need to identify quick wins, build confidence and position themselves for long-term success and commitment.

Career Planning and Management

By helping employees proactively analyze and manage their careers, organizations can ensure their workforce is energized and employees are contributing in ways that are meaningful for them as well as the company. Sometimes this means the opportunity to advance into new roles. Sometimes it means the opportunity to develop new skills. And sometimes it means the opportunity to do the same job in new ways. The expert career consultants at CPI Kansas City tailor career planning and career management services to meet the needs of their employees, so thy can reap the rewards of a renewed and invigorated workforce.

Retention Strategies

Top talent does not come “a dime a dozen.” Organizations invest heavily in attracting and retaining the best and the brightest. The key to keeping valuable talent goes far beyond attractive salaries and bonus packages – it’s in reinforcing their value to the organization and the satisfaction of knowing they are working and growing with the right company. The human resources consultants at CPI Kansas City help employers develop effective retention strategies that not only retain employees, but also keep them engaged by providing stimulating challenges, fostering career growth, increasing learning and development opportunities, and enhancing personal as well as business skills.

Succession Planning

What happens if your CEO retires tomorrow? What about your department leaders? Do you know which roles in your organization are critical to the company’s success? The best way to ensure business continuity and future success is to properly identify the most critical positions and determine who is prepared to assume those roles now, months from now, or even years from now. Surprisingly, many organizations cannot even identify the roles that are critical to its success, much less who might be able to fill those roles if needed. While simple in concept, many struggle with and are just not adequately prepared for succession. Career Partners International Kansas City helps organizations effectively identify critical roles, potential successors and create development plans to prepare individuals, teams and leaders for the future needs of the organization.

Performance Management

Optimal organizational performance- where a company is operating at its highest level of productivity, efficiency and innovation, is only achievable if every member of the workforce is operating at its best. To stimulate the finest employee performance, Career Partners International Kansas City works with companies to develop the job performance metrics needed to achieve organizational objectives, and helps align the professional and personal goals of employees with the needs of the organization. Critical components include planning and setting expectations, monitoring performance, developing performance parameters, and rewarding accomplishments. On-going review and support allow for modifications and ensure continued alignment, so employees and the organization flourish together.

Change Management

If anything is certain, it is change. Whether it is integration of new technologies or processes, different management or organizational structures, or new strategic directions, change is constant in the business world. Those organizations that can embrace change, adapt quickly and move forward are often the ones who finish at the top. However, not everyone can embrace change quickly, and the inability to accept change can negatively affect employees and their ability to perform, causing organizations to stumble during times of change. Career Partners International Kansas City offers a full range of talent management services to help individuals, teams and leaders adeptly navigate all kinds of organizational change scenarios and ensure the continued success of the business.

The Career Partners International Advantage

Career Partners International of Kansas City brings clients a variety of creative engagement and retention practices tailored to fit organizational needs. To learn more about how we can help you optimize your talent force, contact Career Partners International – KC at info@cpikc.com or (913) 322.0618.