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Assess for Success

Identifying the right candidates to support your business goals is a crucial part of your organization’s long-term success. But finding, evaluating and assessing potential hires can be a time-consuming and complex process. Career Partners International Kansas City makes the talent search process more thorough, more efficient, and more effective. Using our exclusive tools and expertise, we evaluate both individuals and organizations to facilitate successful matches. We provide a range of talent management services and resources to help you build a team of achievers.

Executive Search

Career Partners International Kansas City draws on its large network of connections and partners to offer the best talent in the Kansas City business community.

Our executive search process is thorough and comprehensive. We go beyond typical search practices, combining personality and skill assessments with customized evaluations to ensure the best match in terms of cultural fit, skills, and goals.

Competency Modeling

Every role within an organization plays a vital part in the company’s overall productivity and success. Even one glitch in a team of talent can affect the health and performance of the whole company.  CPI KC’s Competency Modeling helps employers identify and define specific roles and career paths within the company, then matches roles with the talent best suited to those roles based on individual skills and characteristics. When individuals are placed in roles that best exploit their strengths, they thrive with the organization. Competency modeling helps to ensure that each employee is in the right place and everyone is working strategically toward exceeding company goals.

Individual, Team & Organizational Assessments

Healthy, thriving organizations are those that invest in continuous development of their talent at the individual and interpersonal level. CPI KC offers programs to help assess and develop talent for optimum performance, productivity and leadership for individuals and teams.

The Career Partners International Advantage

To learn how CPI KC can make your talent search efforts more efficient and effective, call us at (913) 322.0618 or info@cpikc.com.