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Ignite your career transition performance and results of your career search by working outside of the traditional methods of identifying, pursuing and securing a new career opportunity.

Our methodology is comprehensive and is much more than “teaching” the 101 basics of networking, interviewing and resume development. If you are tired of recruiters not returning phone calls, resumes, job boards and antiquated methods, then we can help.

The Strategic Rules for Conducting a Successful Opportunity Transition:

  • Most people “apply” for job openings [reactive]. Rather, we teach you to “create” career opportunities [proactive].
  • Create opportunities by “solving problems” and by “adding value”.
  • Strategy equates to a shorter transition process.
  • “Cookie cutter” resumes are for “job seekers” not “opportunity seekers” and will do more “harm” than “good”.
  • Separate yourself from the interviewing “cattle call”.
  • Learn how and understand the value of educating a network regarding “core competencies” and “passion”. Networking is a lifelong endeavor.
  • The prospective employer is interested in the “How To.”
  • Research is more than a prospective employer’s stock price and website
  • The core to negotiating is “leverage” which is achieved through a well-crafted and communicated “value proposition”.

Services included in this package…  

  • Career Branding
  • (20) One-on-one Strategy Sessions
  • Management and Performance in Organizations™ Assessment (MPO)
  • 4 in-depth, advanced workshops with a CPI-KC career strategist
  • Resume and Cover Letter Development and Strategies
  • ResuLetter™ Development and Strategy
  • Networking and Self-Marketing
  • Interviewing Effectiveness
  • Salary and Benefit Negotiations
  • (12) months of access to Momentum Transition Portal™
  • LinkedIn Profile review, on-line branding and profile enhancement
  • On-Boarding

Total Investment $7,500