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We enhance organizational performance and people’s lives every day! Clients often tell us about the positive impact we have on their businesses and participants tell us how much they appreciate working with Career Partners International! Now you can see what they say too!

What our clients say…

“M&T Bank has maintained a long-standing partnership with Career Partners International Buffalo | Niagara because of their professionalism, service levels, responsiveness, and treatment of our employees.  They have proven to be an important extension of our organization.”

Melissa Thompson, Vice President, Corporate Programs Manager, M&T Bank

“I’ve worked with many talent management firms over the years. What sets Career Partners International apart is the level of service and personal attention. Whenever I’ve taken a problem to them and said, ‘Here are my issues.’ They  found a solution. The never say to me, ‘Here’s our process’. Instead, they truly react to what the customer needs. That’s innovative and responsive”.

Sam Wheeler, Vice President of Human Resources, ACCO World Corporation

Career Partners International – Green Bay helped me through the highs and lows of the journey from sudden unemployment to starting a new job. I hadn’t been through a job search in 18 years so I needed help. Many potential employers commented on the great organization and professional look to my resume. The staff helped me stay focused and energized during the process.”

Jerry Johanek

Clients often tell us about the positive impact our partner firms have on their businesses and how much they appreciate working with Career Partners International!  Now you can hear what they have to say too!

What our participants say…


“It has definitely been a pleasure working with Career Partners during my career transition. My coach easily gains the trust and respect of those candidates he works with. Being the professional expert he is, he taught me many things, including a different approach to landing a “perfect opportunity.” CPI-KC coaches are very passionate about their work, have an abundance of energy and work tirelessly with each and every client. They  have vast knowledge regarding what attracts companies to candidates and taught me the skills I needed to standout from the crowd of applicants. My coach was a true mentor. I’ve appreciated the opportunity to work with my coach for about eight months. I consider him a talented business colleague but am even prouder to call him my friend.”

 Jan Mathieu, Vice President/Human Resources, GAFRI

“I worked with my coach for about nine months while in a career transition. The entire team was professional, dedicated, well organized and extremely supportive throughout my transition. Their focus was exactly what I needed to lead me through a process I hadn’t faced since my first job search when I graduated from college. My highest praise for CPI-KC is that theirs is the first number I’ll call if I ever face another career transition.”

Dennis Triola, Vice President- Anthem Media Group

“My career coach was a highly effective and skillful executive. He has many strengths including strong communication skills and teamwork building. His advice has been crucial in helping me identify in what industry I want to create my next career opportunity. Their innate ability to know what their clients need and then they are instrumental in helping to implement those steps needed to achieve those personal and career goals. I couldn’t recommend CPI-KC any higher.”

 Pam Kelley, Executive Vice President, NEW LINE

“CPI-KC has a unique talent for helping their clients position themselves for the right career opportunity. They devotes tremendous time and energy to each and every client, and they delivers more than they promises. When I was working with the team, I always knew that my career search was as important to them as it was to me. My strategic agent was highly professional, trustworthy, and also a real pleasure to work with.”

Steffani Webb, Assistant Dean for Research Operations, KU Med