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Global Hiring Trends, 2017: Positive, Competitive And Evolving

Global Hiring Trends, 2017: Positive, Competitive And Evolving


As we move into 2017, global research indicates employer budgets and hiring trends remain broadly positive. With sources such as ERE Media reporting a tight labor market in the US, along with decreased employee tenure and an increased blended workforce of employees/freelancers, the methods for attracting and retaining top talent for brand differentiation and competitive advantage need to continue evolving.

According to LinkedIn Talent Solutions, estimated budgets and hiring projections by country are as follows:

Budget Projections  Hiring Projections

While budgets for the year continue with traditional allocations, social referrals and online sources continue to build on their dominant positions. Roles such as Sales/Business Development, Operations, Engineering and Information Technology are most in demand, but our data-driven and security-conscious world will increase demand for roles such as Data Scientists and Cybersecurity specialists.

Budgets  Hiring Sources

In 2017, we will see companies put a higher priority on finding more diverse candidates (37%), improving soft skill assessments (35%) and implementing innovative interviewing tools (34%). We also concur with the best practices for hiring and retention trends for 2017 from Forbes’ Dan Schwabel:

  1. Improved Candidate, Employee Experiences
  2. The Rise Of The Blended Workforce
  3. Reviews Evolve From Annual To Continuous
  4. Millennials Meet Gen Z
  5. Augmented, Virtual Reality Revolutionize Recruiting and Training
  6. The War For Talent Heats Up
  7. Performance Evolves From Individual To Team
  8. Workplace Wellness A Critical Benefit For Attracting Talent
  9. Employee Benefits/Perks Get Creative
  10. Workplace Attire, Culture Become More Casual

At Career Partners International, we will continue to bring you the best global trends and best practices in 2017,

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