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How Secure is Your Job?

As you likely know, current economic circumstances have a huge impact on people’s work. While organizations are faced with massive redundancies, many employees dig in their heels and do everything within their power to hold on to the job they have. Employees breathe a sigh of relief when they are not among those who lose their jobs. For them, carefully holding on to their job gives a sense of security, a sense of “nothing can happen to me.”  Many see it as job security; holding their breath and staying “alive.”

However, this can also mean staying where they are and not moving forward in their career; just doing their job as well as they can and following orders, while pushing motivation and ambition into the background. You may say, “isn’t that suffocating?” For some it is, but others do not see it that way. For them, holding their breath feels comfortable and job safety comes first in a time when one layoff follows another. That sense of security, the self-created comfort zone in which nothing can happen, is the source of unmoving careers. When it comes to career development, does stagnation mean decline? Is being stuck in the comfort zone of a career the opposite of personal ambition? If this is true, you take away the chance of a sustainable job in the near future.

Employees cherish their place of work. In the face of major organizational changes, the desire to look ahead or show ambition may seem like a threat to job security. It is up to organizations and their HR professionals to stimulate employees and challenge them to make a career move. Is this the case even if the economy is in a downward spiral? Yes, even under those circumstances. Or perhaps, particularly under those circumstances!

By carefully exploring the outer edges of their comfort zone through self-development and improvement in an entirely safe and confidential environment, employees grow and develop. Seizing personal opportunities and discovering new possibilities are not irresponsible risks. Organizations must put a focus on providing career development opportunities for their employees. As the economy improves, the battle for well-qualified employees at all levels and in just about all industries will flare up. Companies need to provide their employees with the necessary tools to grow their career, and a reason to stay.

Stimulating or even initiating movement will lay the foundation for tomorrow’s labor market. Put some fresh air into employment and help your employees leave their comfort zone, into an environment where movement and development is natural, and above all, safe.

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