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Tips for Organizations With Mature Workforces


Bloomington, MN (PRWEB) July 09, 2013 – CPI Twin Cities, an organization that works with corporate leaders on a daily basis, offers tips and advice for managing mature workforces in today’s world. By offering a program called New Horizons, CPI Twin Cities is able to address issues around the aging workforce and how to keep employees happy in an ever changing environment.

In the words of one Human Resources Executive, “New Horizons facilitated our strategic talent management plan to address our aging workforce, manage labor costs and begin the long-term transfer of knowledge. Just as importantly, it met the interests of our mature employees eager to phase into the next stage of life.”

What’s important for employers to know is that retirement for most people doesn’t mean stopping work. For many it actually becomes a time of major renewal – a time to purposefully refocus and rebalance one’s lifestyle. When CPI Twin Cities works with organizations and individuals, it does not assume any particular type of retirement lifestyle. Instead, their approach serves participants by helping them identify and plan for new ways of living that speak to individual passions and aspirations. It helps participants who are at any point in their life path or contemplating a transition from their current position to create a self-portrait that includes their personal needs.

To effectively address this stage of an employee’s life and career, CPI Twin Cities’ consultants recommend guiding individuals through these key areas of focus:

  • Career and Work – Discovering ideal work, work benefits, and work options
  • Health and Wellness – Examining personal health practices, vitality, and wellness attitudes
  • Finances and Insurance – Reviewing finances, financial planning, and financial confidence
  • Leisure and Social – Uncovering preferences for leisure, residence, travel, and hobbies
  • Family and Relationships – Considering flexibility options, the need to provide care giving for aging parents or adult children, and grandparenting
  • Personal Development – Exploring life meaning and opportunities for education and volunteering
  • Legal and Legacy – Ensuring that wills, estates, trusts, power-of-attorney, healthcare administration and other documents are in place to protect one’s family

The ultimate objective is to understand one’s level of preparedness, and create a plan in those areas of most concern. The benefits to participants include:

  • Gaining access to personal, practical and relevant information
  • Evaluating skills, values, interests, strengths, and preferences
  • Developing a deeper self-awareness of goals and aspirations
  • Confirming commonality of experiences with others
  • Assessing current behaviors in context of their impact on future happiness and well being
  • Measuring preparedness for the next stage of life
  • Planning for later life options and implementing plan to achieve new goals
  • Including family members in the planning process for life’s next stage

Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D., who writes extensively on retirement, believes this phase of life can be an exciting ride. He writes, “This ‘new retirement’ includes a new definition of success, and a resurgence of a dream that may have been resident within us all along. For most of us, our work gave us a sense of ego-security knowing that we were ‘somebody;’ that we were successful, at least at some level. Now we look for a new forum for success; we dream of a new challenge, a new meaning for us, and this yearning may raise a restlessness to pursue our dream in earnest”.

About CPI Twin Cities:  CPI Twin Cities is a firm of executive coaches, leadership development experts, and career consultants with deep expertise in creating and delivering powerful and customized solutions that lead to sustainable results. In 2006, the business was purchased from Personnel Decisions International (PDI) and today is a privately held company, owned and led by Patricia Berg, and a team of highly qualified executive coaches and career consultants in Bloomington, Minnesota.

About Career Partners International Established in 1987, Career Partners International is one of the world’s largest and most successful global providers of talent management solutions.  Organizations of all sizes and industries turn to Career Partners International to successfully assess, engage, develop and transition talent using the expertise of over 1600 highly experienced professionals in the areas of assessment, executive coaching, leader development and outplacement. With more than 200 offices in over 40 countries around the world, Career Partners International assures that its clients have local experts with global reach in talent development, career management, executive coaching, outplacement and career transition services.

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