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Job Interviews: Schedule Timing For Success ~ You Are In Control!

Written by: Bob Lovely, Senior Vice President Talent Management

On the path of our career journey we have all been in a job search. We want to show prospective employers that we are both enthusiastic and eager to contribute so when an employer calls us in order schedule an in-person interview we take the first interview time slot available. Is this the right strategy?

The answer is “no”. If you are first on the interview slate you become the “benchmark” by which all successive candidates are judged and evaluated. The truth is that for 60-70% of open positions one of the last candidates interviewed is hired for the opportunity. This can be compounded when the interview cycle takes weeks to complete. 

When an employer calls to schedule an in-person interview ask the caller this question, “What interview times do you have available?” Then choose one of the later interview times. In today’s competitive employment marketplace most employers will interview all selected candidates so you want to be one of last candidates to be considered.

When the hiring decision is made you will be “fresh” in the minds of the interview team and the hiring manager. This is exactly the place you want to be on the interview schedule. In today’s market, being “too eager” may suggest “desperate” to an employer. Your strategy should actually be the contrary. You want employers to perceive that you are “in demand”. When employers make this perception you have more “value” in their eyes – think higher salary!

One final tip: you want to avoid Monday morning or Friday afternoon interviews. Interviewers will not have the right focus and perspective.



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