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MACLS:  Manager As Coach Learning Series


  • Leaders at the top of the organization found themselves taking on tasks that managers and/or supervisors should be accomplishing.
  • Bench strength of the organization appeared weak and required development of junior leaders to support projected business growth.
  • The culture of the organization felt negative due to the physical and mental stress of overworked leaders during busy times.  Needed increased employee commitment beyond the average contribution.
  • Goals: Develop a culture where leaders develop, motivate and empower their employees to take initiative in their roles to help minimize duplicate efforts, role dysfunction and customer dissatisfaction.  Increase skills, mobility, and focused energy around the organizational mission to accelerate growth in the business.


  • Developed program and essential tools for managers, supervisors and team members to embrace a 5-step coaching process to build and sustain a culture where employees feel inspired, encouraged and rewarded.
  • Established common language, tools and methods to encourage leaders to focus on employee awareness, strengthen listening skills and provide constructive feedback to develop employees for enriched performance and enhanced commitment.
  • Focused on outcomes with individuals to align them with the organization’s mission.
  • Encouraged managers to appreciate and support employees to feel empowered, encouraged and recognized as they add value to the organization.

Client Outcome

  • Achieved higher employee engagement based on a greater understanding by employees of expectations established during the coaching process.
  • Reduced problems, lowered client turnover and increased customer service satisfaction during a typically hectic work season as a result of a healthier work culture supported by coaching groups.
  • Increased employee satisfaction and shifted the culture from reactive to proactive.
  • Senior leaders report positive response to the approach, continue to support and participate in the monthly coaching groups and will continue to seek employee development opportunities which can be reinforced by this approach for richer impact.


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