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3 Quick Makeover Tips to Refresh your Professional Brand

There is no shortage of career advice out there, so you’ve probably got the basics down. Complete LinkedIn profile- check. Have current resume, check.  Master networking like a politician in campaign mode, check. Every once in a while your professional life just needs a little housekeeping. Think of it as a new lipstick (or a new tie), for your career.  Here are three quick tasks to buff up your professional image across three key area

1.     On Your LinkedIn Profile

Here’s a trick that works for search engines and your professional brand. Think of a good ‘keyword’ or key phrase that describes what you do in a nutshell. It should be specific and succinct, for example, “Medical Sales Rep” or “Realtor, Kansas City”.  Then, insert this key phrase into 5 areas of your LinkedIn profile: 1) Your Headline, 2) Your Summary, 3) Current Work Experience, 4) Past Work Experience, and 5) Specialties.

This task serves two purposes; it helps to strengthen your professional brand with a consistent label, and it will help your profile show up in targeted searches for your keyword. That means you have a better chance of being seen by those who are looking for your particular skills and services.  

2.     On Your Resume

If you’re only keeping your resume current with your latest experience, roles and responsibilities, you may be missing an opportunity to truly showcase your value. Look over your resume for areas where you can strengthen your marketability by turning duties into success stories. Do this by using strong, proactive language and quantitative support when possible. For example, if you created marketing pieces for your company, you could tout the increase in leads that your material helped generate. Or if you were in a customer service oriented role, you might include that you maintained a high customer retention rate.  As hiring managers tend to scan resumes quickly, using action words and numbers will help your accomplishments stand out. 

3.     Your Outlook

If you find yourself stuck in ‘job’ rut, it may to time to adjust your attitude and adopt a ‘career’ mindset. Maybe you’ve lost enthusiasm for what you do or think you’re stuck in a narrow role, because that’s what you’ve done before. But the career landscape is evolving- there are jobs today that didn’t exist five years ago, and new opportunities will continue to materialize. Take a pro-active approach in cultivating your dream career by imagining how your current skills and past experience can be leveraged in creative and different ways. If you’re an adept communicator and web-savvy, there may be a new career path for you in the burgeoning social media marketing field. Or you might be able to turn your hands-on experience in a particular industry towards a consulting gig. Don’t limit your possibilities for career satisfaction.



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