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  1. Unleash The Power of Partners

    When you want talent management solutions

    that drive organizational performance,

    Career Partners International has the power you need!

  2. Achieve New Heights

    Build a culture that inspires, encourages and rewards employees – a coaching culture – to reach peak performance!

  3. Successful Transitions

    Outplacement services that provide a bridge for employees during turbulent times.

  4. Precise Performance

    Engage and align your team to soar past the competition.


Accurately measure skills, competencies and development of individuals, teams and organizations with a wide range of assessment tools and expertise.


Realize organizational effectiveness with a culture of engagement that fosters leadership, increases retention and enhances productivity.


Promote individual and organizational growth with executive coaching and career and leadership development initiatives that generate continual business growth and success.


Enhance workforce planning and create successful transitions, both internally and externally, with comprehensive career transition and outplacement services.

Career Partners International of Kansas City is Kansas City’s all-in-one resource for talent development, assessment, career management, executive coaching, outplacement and career transition services. We help both individuals and organizations in matching, nurturing and enhancing employee – company partnerships toward the highest level of productivity and mutual success.

We understand that employees are the key to an organization’s success, and each organization has different needs, strengths and challenges. That’s why we work with our clients one-on-one to provide customized, strategic solutions throughout all stages of the talent management life cycle. We go beyond executive search to provide professional development, team building and leadership coaching, ensuring your talent is engaged and performing at their best long after the employment confirmation letter is signed.

We’re privately owned and established in the Kansas City business community, but have access to the cutting-edge tools and resources of our CPI global network, the largest talent management consultancy in the world. With CPI Kansas City, you’ll get personalized service and solutions with world-class results.

Put the Power of Partners to work for your organization! Contact us for a consultation.

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